M. Ayub Endratamma

Representative AMSA-Unsri 2022/2023

Greetings, People of tomorrow!

Asian Medical Students’ Association-Universitas Sriwijaya, known as AMSA-Unsri is a medical students’ organization based in Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Sriwijaya. AMSA-Unsri is part of the representative body of medical students throughout Indonesia, called AMSA-Indonesia.

AMSA-Unsri was established in 2002, and till this day AMSA-Unsri with the three philosophies of AMSA: Knowledge, Action and Friendship, grow to become a place that provide infinity chances for members to develop skills and reach their maximum potential.

In this tenure, AMSA-Unsri has 50 work programs, which are 5 General Secretary work programs, 4 Treasurer work programs, 7 Membership and Development division work programs, 7 Academic and Research division work programs, 7 Publication and Promotion division work programs, 6 External division work programs, 9 Finance division work programs, and 6 Community Outreach division work programs. The entire work program of AMSA-Unsri based on philosophy of AMSA and purposed to make members actively and creatively manifest their passion.

With all sorts of opportunities, AMSA-Unsri is always trying to be a home for all the members to exceed their limits and get out from comfort zone so that they can prepare soft and hard skills outside of college, as well as improving their knowledge about health issue in Indonesia and increasing their awareness to care with each other. To realize all that, AMSA-Unsri has a vision “AMSA-Unsri as home for members to maximize their potential and manifest their passions together as a family based on philosophy of AMSA”. AMSA-Unsri really concerned about their member growth and push them to exceed their limit, with the tagline “Exceed the Limits, Reap the Benefits”, hopefully AMSA-Unsri can realize that.

Through our official website AMSA-Unsri, we are proud to formally introduce our organization and give an overview about our activites and achievements. Hopefully, with this website we can give you opportunity to find out about us more and feel free to contact us through the contact details available on this website.

“Exceed the Limits, Reap the Benefits”

Viva AMSA!

M. Naufal Aqil Aditya

Representative AMSA-Unsri 2021/2022

Organizational Structure:
Executive Board AMSA-Unsri 2021/2022

Our Background

AMSA-Unsri (Asian Medical Students Association Universitas Sriwijaya) is an autonomous body under the auspices of the Faculty Medicine of University of Sriwijaya which is enganged in health, humanity, and talent development.

AMSA-Unsri is incorporated in a representative body for medical students throughout Indonesia, namely AMSA-Indonesia. 

As of now, AMSA-Unsri manage 6 divisions namely Membership and Development, External, Community Outreach, Academic dan Research, Finance, and Publication and Promotion

Our Philosophies